Dating Older Women with Money

Does Your Bank Account Matter to a Cougar?

It can be intimidating—even make you feel like nothing more than a young punk—to date a solvent older woman when you, yourself, are living hand-to-mouth until your student loans are repaid.

But does your cougar really care about how much money you have?

The short answer is no. She likely has plenty of her own. And if she were hunting for a Sugar Daddy, chances are she wouldn’t be dating you.

There is, however, a peripheral side to money—having it/not having it presents a few considerations that might cross your older-ladyfriend’s mind:

Why don’t you have any money?

– Are you irresponsible with it?

– Are you too lazy to get a job?

– Do you lack the potential to eventually earn it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, I’m sorry to say you’d better be nothing short of awesome in the sac. Otherwise it’s straight-to-the-“unattractive”-bucket you go.

If you’re a silverspooner and live on a trust fund:

– Do you openly brag about it?

– (Again) Are you irresponsible with it?

– (And again, kind of) Does it make you lazy and/or lack initiative?

Do I hear any “yeses”? All of the above make you suck.

Got money in the bank, but:

– Are cheap with it, using the excuse that you’re “saving”?

– Every dime is accounted for because you’re buried in debt?

– You need Daddy’s approval to make a withdrawal?

Very ugly. Have fun in the suck-bucket.

Each and every one of these considerations are just reflections of your character: cheap, lazy, etc., so in a way they have nothing at all to do with your having/not having money. You’re best bet is to share what you can, show enough initiative to prove yourself worthy, and be grateful for what’s given to you.

Now, having said all this… if you’re dating someone—cougar or otherwise—who judges you based on how much money you have, well, then, as far as I’m concerned, you bet on the wrong horse, anyway.


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