Dating Clingy Older Women

My fave cougars aren’t found in any zoo: they run free… and wild.

Since when should cougars (of any species) be caged?! Never, I say! Like all wild things, they were made (and made best) to run free. And as difficult as it is to watch your lil’ ones grow and leave the nest, such is the circle of life.

And lust.

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So why is it that the odd cougar wants to take young men like me and keep them locked in an ivory tower? Actually, I can think of a number of reasons but listing them would feel icky. Instead I’m quite happy to dish out some solids on why I’ll never feel guilty for declining such an obligation-laden offer:

* One of the things that heightens a cougar relationship is having to wait—sometimes weeks—just to see her. (Having to keep it a secret doesn’t hurt, either.)

* There’s a difference between a boytoy and a boytoy-station planted in her house next to every other appliance she’s come to neglect.

* Boytoy I can live with, Houseboy I cannot. I don’t do anyone’s chores, including my own.

* What a drag if the magic were to wear off!

* Surely she’s not looking to grow old together…?! She could’ve done that with any one of her ex-husbands.

* As a “live-in”, I eventually would feel inadequate.

* I guess you can say I’m a lover, not a liv’er-with’er.

* I don’t mind following her lead, but I don’t wanna be molded.

* Why can’t we just keep it like it is? If she’s looking for a(nother ex-)husband, I can suggest plenty of sites besides this one.

My dear, dear cougar, think of me as your own little zoo animal that you’d hate to see locked in a cage.

Why would you ever want to cage your cub?


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