Cougar Dating Statistics

It’s likely you’re reading this article because you are either a cougar who wants to find a luscious and intriguing partner, or because you’re a cub who wants to date an older woman. However, we wondered exactly what percentage of older women were “on the prowl.”

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According to a survey compiled by The National Association of Retired People, 33% of women aged 40 to 60 are looking to date a guy who is younger than themselves. In an interview, renowned cougar, Fran Drescher suggested some reasons why. Fran allegedly once dated a man who was 16 years her junior for four years, so she has a lot of cougar experience! She even made a sitcom starring a funny, older and divorced woman much like herself, who is living with her twenty-something boyfriend.

“They (women) no longer have to evaluate a man based on whether or not they’re going to be a good provider,” she told the reporter. However, Ms. Drescher also recognizes that “May-December” relationships can have their own difficulties. She recalled one story in which her much younger boyfriend invited his parents over for dinner. Once the mother arrived, Fran realized the she was only two years younger than her! It was a minor shock, but she quickly regained her usual composure and confidence.

It’s not only the women who are making these cougar-cub relationships popular. The guys are too. “Lots of men in their 20’s and 30’s have been joining our sites lately, looking for that perfect, mature women who exudes that special allure,” explained Yolanda Percy, a member coordinator at “Guys from software engineers to extreme athletes to office workers are all seeing the beauty of dating an experienced woman, and our membership numbers show it.”

Men have realized that older women are often more patient and careful about commitment — so when they do it, they mean it, making for really solid relationships.

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