Why I Love Dating Older Women

As the newest—and newbie—blogger on Cougarworld, I can’t help but kick things off with a pet-peeve: the term “cougar” drives me crazy. In the bad kind of way.

I hear endless “definitions” of what classifies a woman as a “cougar”. That, in itself, is no biggie (who says we have to fit within the confines of a single concrete set of criteria?). It’s the negative connotation that upsets me—that “cougars” prey upon young men. I’m sure it’s no co-ing-kee-dink that such judgements often come from the mouths of non-approving women. Well, guess what Younger Ladies: it just so happens that many of us Younger Guys simply prefer older women, or rather, that age is irrelevant to us—it’s confidence and experience we’re after, and if older women carry it best, then so be it.

I don’t exclusively date older women; but nor do I classify them separately. They’re women, plain and simple. Like with any aspect of life, I never think it’s a bad idea to surround myself with anyone from whom I can learn, and experience, and grow. What I continue to discover—over and over and over again—is that older women deliver in spades.

How sad it is that anyone would pass-up an opportunity to enrich their life experience simply because of a stigma they carry towards dating someone older? How nonsensical that it would be preferable to have a 20-year-old inexperienced trophy on your arm for the sake of acceptability and at the expense of a better night out? I shake my head in wonder.

My own approach to choosing a date is really very straightforward. Here’s what I usually wanna know:

– does she seem articulate? intelligent?
– does she have anything interesting to say?
– is she funny?
– does she have good taste in food? culture?
– does she come across as confident?

If I’m lucky enough to echat someone who fits the bill, and I see in her profile that she’s NOT 21-years-old, then whatever.  As long as she’s not in a bloody walker.

After having followed this same approach to online dating for a while now, and coming to terms with the fact that it is, in fact, mostly older women who meet my criteria, I decided to fast-track: if what I’m looking for happens to be on a site that uses the term “cougar”, then, oh well, I lose the nomenclature battle.

But I win the dating game.


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