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5 Topics to Avoid When Getting to Know Your Cougar

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Even if the sexual side of your relationship with an older woman is on the fast track, there are certain subjects that you should leave off the menu of conversation until the two of you have become closer. Common sense tells you that you shouldn’t raise the subject of age right out of the gate, and here are five other topics to avoid until you know your cougar better.

1. Money
For a lot of guys, part of the appeal of an older woman is the idea that you might land a sugar mama, but you don’t want to lead with questions about her financial well-being, or assume that every cougar you meet is looking for cub to indulge or shower with gifts. On your initial dates, you should pick up the tab, and you should keep doing so until or unless she insists on paying.

2. Past relationships
Unless she goes there, don’t ask about her past relationships and don’t start talking about your own. It’s a subject that suggests a hangup if you bring up one of your previous girlfriends, and it’s one that could get her thinking about the wrong memories if you ask her about her exes.

3. Sex
Let her bring up sex, and exercise caution if she does. Going into detail about your past sexual experiences might work against you when trying to have your next one.

4. Religion
Unless you met her on a Christian cougars site, it’s best to leave faith off the table initially, wherever you might stand on the subject.

5. Future plans
Jumping in to a discussion of future plans, whether yours or hers, is getting ahead of things. In the short term, she probably just wants to have some fun, and talking about things that might happen down the road can make it seem like you’re too eager.

Keep It Simple and you’ll have sexy cougars from  eating out of the palm of your hand in no time at all.

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