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3 Tips to Attract a Cougar to Your Profile

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When a woman is browsing hundreds of profiles on her favorite dating site, it will take something special to have her stop and click on your profile. Use these three tips to attract a beautiful older woman…

1.Choose a Memorable Name

While this first tip might seem obvious, make sure that you take  time to choose a stand-out name. Most people don’t like to use their real name and that is understandable. Perhaps use a nickname or something that uses descriptors such as TallRomantic. Avoid cheesy or generic names such as HotStud or BSW77.

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2. Use a Natural Profile Picture

Most dating sites will allow you to choose several profile pics, but you will use one of these as your main picture that shows up first. This should be your best picture that looks the most like you. It should be a close-up, facing head-on. I also recommend that you smile… a smile goes a long way. If you’re taking the shot yourself, crop out your extended arm and phone, so that the only thing to focus on is your face. Select a variety of photos she will see if she clicks on that first great one.

3. Be Honest and Real
Once a cougar clicks on your awesome photo, you need to have a well-written profile description to back it up. You want to be sure to include your unique and attractive qualities. If it looks like you wrote it as an afterthought, she will notice. Complete every section with details that describe who you really are. Also, avoid writing a book… long profiles often give the impression of narcissism or someone who likes to talk more about themselves than the woman they are with. Using a little humour is fine, just don’t go overboard… you can make her laugh on the first date.

These tips will give you a solid foundation when attracting a cougar to your online dating profile. What attracts you to a dating profile?

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