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In Hollywood and the music industry, some women have an expiration date. These are usually the busty bimbos who have no real acting chops, grace on the screen, or true musical talent. Of course, some of our favorite celebrities are a bit older than those silly girls, and are skilled artists who remain sexy, and get even more alluring as they age.

Eva Longoria falls more into the puma category, since she’s just 39 years old. She has a habit of dating younger men who make her feel special. Her ex-husband, Tony Parker, was 7 years her junior, and since then she just keeps going lower and lower. She has reportedly dated Penelope Cruz’s brother Eduardo, who is 10 years younger, and a Jets Quarterback who was 12 years less her age.

Musician and actress Jennifer Lopez broke up with her hubby Marc Anthony a few years back. Then the mid-40’s babe, who has an amazing ass that impresses, allegedly started dating a backup dancer who was her age minus 18. That’s a cougar if we ever saw one.

Madonna is a pop icon who has developed her look and act with the times, but the guys she has dated have always been the same age, or less! Most recently she was spotted with one of her backup dancers who is 30 years her junior at 26. We say, you go, Madonna! She’s a hot cougar who’s not letting the march of time stop her from getting what she wants.

“Madonna is the ultimate cougar, and one of my MILF idols,” gushed Quinn Lipinsky, a popular cougar on “First of all, she always looks amazing no matter how old she is, and she always has a cute boy toy on her arm. I aspire to have that much dating success with fun, adventurous guys.”

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