Extreme Cougar Wives

Sexy Senior on the Beach

As cougar culture grows and becomes more prominent in the mainstream, so does the attention to subsections of the cougar world. We’ve all dated and adore older women right, guys? Well how about 20-30 years older? How about 50?!?!? Is that something that would rock your world? If so, Extreme Cougar Wives, a brand new show airing on TLC (sundays at 10pm). is the show for you.

The season premiere follows three couples wherein women are between the ages of 53 and 76 and their men between the ages of 21 and 28.

The first couple introduced are Jude and Kevin. Kevin is 21, Jude 53. Kevin lives with his parents who are in the dark about his relationship. We find out Kevin was initally dating Jude’s daughter. Will Kevin’s parents find out? How will they take it? What does Jude’s daughter think about the situation? Dealing with outside attitudes, ugh. So much drama!

Next we meet 76-year-old Hattie, who has happened upon attractive 25-year-old Andrew in a hotel pool. A whopping 51 year age difference!!! We learn that she routinely dates men his age and younger! I for one would watch episode after episode of Hattie chasing around young dudes. She is incredibly captivating, full of energy, and hilarious!

Finally there’s Stephanie, who has fallen in love with 28-year-old Octavio. His single male friends are not on board to say the least. They pressure Octavio to date women his own age while his female friends show a little more support and understanding.

After an extremely entertaining first episode, I’m truly hooked on this show, guys. It’s got a lot to offer, especially to cougar lovers like us.

Check out this Sneak Peek clip of Extreme Cougar Wives?

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