Ask Ava: Tips for Finding Love

Q: I’m 45 years old and still consider myself a cub, being that I’m interested in meeting women my age and older. Are there any tips, suggestions or recommendations you can give guys like myself that would help in finding love? -M

A: Hi M. Yes, you can still be a cub at 45, which is very young. It’s always nice to hear from men your age who are keen to date women their age and older rather than twenty-somethings.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship you’ll want to be in a positive frame of mind and try to stay there even through the ups and downs that are dating. I tell everyone, no matter their age, to be discerning and don’t settle. I truly believe there is someone out there for everyone, someone who will love your quirks and flaws on top of all your good stuff. Be persistent, but don’t make searching for love the centre of your life. It should be the background to your passions and interests (these are things that attract women).

Be open to where you might meet a new love, and also to the types of women – you’ll be surprised what comes your way. Sign up for classes, join clubs or teams, or by attend openings for cultural events. Of course, I have to mention dating sites. On Cougar World we review many sites that cater specifically to older women, although they also cater to younger cubs than yourself, often with an emphasis on sex over love. A more mainstream site such as OK Cupid is also a great place to meet a ladylove because you can curtail your search to specific age groups and give a clear picture in your profile of the kind of relationship you’re looking for.

I recently wrote a post about writing a wish list of your dream girl, a method of letting the universe help you to find that special someone. You can also read: How to Find Lasting Love  and the 100+ posts myself and others have written on Cougar World about first dates, asking women out, and maintaining relationships.

Matthew, I’ll end where I began by reminding you to always stay positive in your search. Best of luck finding love.

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