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Ask Ava: Online Flirting Tips for Men

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Q: Dear Ava. I’ve been told I have a flirtatious personality, and it’s true. I like to flirt with women – all women! I don’t think I cross any lines, even when I flirt with friends or married women, or when I’m in a relationship. It’s about making them laugh and feel good about themselves. One female friend describes it as charming without being threatening. I’ll take that. So I do feel confident in my flirting abilities in “the real world” BUT online is like a whole other universe. It just feels weird without the face-to-face or body language. I don’t get a lot of responses, hardly any actually, and I feel my self-confidence taking a serious nose-dive. How does one flirt online? – Calvin

A: Hi Calvin. Flirting is fun. I like to do it, and I do love men who flirt also. I also completely understand the kind of non-sexual flirting you talk about. If there’s no intention behind your flirting with friends or women in relationships, I don’t see the harm. I have a good friend who flirts like you, and it really is something to watch. Some men have zero flirting ability and it puts them at a tremendous disadvantage when trying to make a connection with a woman.

It sounds like you are new to online dating. Always a bit of a shocker and takes a little getting used to. If you scour through past Cougar World posts you’ll find all sorts of tips for online dating from myself and others, including a few men.

Some online dating sites do offer video chat with other members, which might be preferable for the visual aspect of flirting. Sending a first message is crucial, and you must put effort into it if you expect any chance of a response. The basics of this are: reading a woman’s profile carefully, crafting a well-written note that touches on something about HER, and in your case – not being too flirty out of the gate. Of course, you’ll need a great profile that a woman will be attracted to… not just good pictures! Seeing how flirtation is one of your strengths, you’ll want to meet with women quickly. This is always a good idea because it prevents our expectations growing into fantasies that can’t be lived up to.

Ultimately, don’t worry about flirting online, so much as getting a response from your message… then you meet and work your magic!

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