Ask Ava: Where to Have Sex with a Married Woman

Q: Dear Ava, I’m seeing a married woman. It’s going great, and I have no interest in anything serious so that part of things is okay. It’s finding places to make out. Her husband is always around and she says there’s no way she’d risk having me over. Sadly, I still live with my parents. My folks went on vacation last week, and I thought my lady would want to come over, but she said it was too weird.

I’m saving to move out, but in the meantime, where can you suggest as places we could get in on without being caught?
– Travis in Baton Rouge

A: Hi Travis. I sympathize with your problem and understand your woman’s hesitation. She doesn’t want to ruin her marriage and I don’t know if I’d want to get busy on my cub’s parent’s couch either.

Part of the fun of being the other man should be planning secret rendezvous. Plus, she’ll like your take charge attitude. Sex can happen just about anywhere and does! Depending on your location, it may be difficult not running into friends or family, and I’m guessing because of her marital status, this is something you also want to stay discreet.

Here are 5 ideas:
1. Car – Or the mobile sex cave as I like to think of it. Good for affairs because you can drive it out of town or to a remote area.
2. Bar Washroom – secretly text to meet her in the guy’s washroom at a busy club. A little risky, but all the more fun.
3. Hotel – If she’s willing to pay, and in cash for no paper trail.
4. Movie Theatre – another run-in that could provide you with a little oral pleasure. Daytime hours of boring flicks are best.
5. Park – a big one that is full of trees. Add a little romance with a picnic.

Keep saving Travis, cougars love a cub with his own place.

Do you have a question about older women, dating, or sex? Write here, and I’ll try to answer you in the next Ask Ava post.


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