Ask Ava: Where Can a Single Dad Meet Older Women?

Q: Dear Ava. I’m a single dad. I have a five-year-old daughter. I won’t get into details, but her mum is not around at all, so it’s just her, me, and a nanny I was lucky to find. I’m twenty-seven and almost never date. The few I’ve been on in the last couple years are girls my age that my buddies have set me up with. Problem is, these “girls” have no interest in anything serious with a guy with a kid. I’m not sure I’m ready for a long-term relationship, but I’d like to meet someone older who has the maturity to date and relate to someone with a kid. If they had children, that would be okay. Where can I meet these women?
-Todd, New Hampshire

A: Hi Todd. You sound like a great guy who is thinking about what is going to be not only best for you, but also for your daughter. I’m assuming you work a lot so time is most likely an issue, but being open to meeting single mums definitely gives you more possibilities of where to meet a mature woman.

Your weekdays are probably full – work, having dinner with your daughter, putting her to bed, etc. You didn’t mention online dating, but this is something you could check out in the evenings. Many sites are specific to finding older women and offer free trials. Other sites allow you to select an age range you are looking for so only those women will appear in your search list. Take the time to write a profile that best describes you, your situation, and the kind of woman you are looking for.

On weekends, when you’re spending time with your daughter, taking her places, and having fun – keep your eyes open. There are plenty of women whom find men with children irresistible. If you strike up a conversation, which happens a lot between parents in public places, don’t be afraid to casually mention that you’re a single dad. You’ll be giving the green light to a woman who is not only enamoured by your child but also checking you out. This can happen anywhere – parks, libraries, playgroups, drop-ins, school, and coffeeshops. I have a feeling, now that you know what you’re looking for, that you’ll find a great woman.

Single dads: Is it easy to meet women? Where do find them?

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