Ask Ava: Satisfying a Cougar Fantasy

Q: I’m desperate and going out of my mind. My wife won’t fuck me, and I’m horny as hell. We haven’t even been married two years and our sex life is in the toilet. Some guys I talk to say it’s normal for things to slow down after you get hitched, but things have stopped completely. I’m attracted to my wife and she won’t let me do anything. I’d love to just go down on her, but she’s not interested in anything. I thought maybe she was having an affair, but it’s impossible. She works and goes to school almost every night. The worst part is, I’ve been crushing on my co-worker who is way older than me. Sometimes I think she’s flirting, but I can’t be sure. She wears garters that show when she sits which gets me jerking off. Fuck, she’s hot and I don’t think she knows it. I’ve never had an affair, but have this intense curiosity about what it would feel like to sleep with a cougar, someone who is actually into sex and good at it. Let’s just say my wife didn’t have much experience before we got married. Neither did I. Should I make a move on the woman at work? My wife doesn’t know anyone from my job and is too busy to visit. I notice cougars everywhere and think if I had a one fling I could get it out of my system. -Ken, (Springfield, Missouri)

A: Ken, I’m never surprised to hear a young man say he’s attracted to a hot older woman. There’s plenty of us out there, willing to share our experience. I’m not one to condone cheating, but I can sympathize with your needs. As someone with a strong libido, I know it’s hard to be satisfied forever by your own hand. It sounds like the cooling off in your marriage can be attributed partially to your wife’s busy schedule, and yes sex does seem to diminish after the I do’s. Sorry, it’s happening so soon. I’m sure the woman at your work knows she’s hot – she’s wearing garters, c’mon! Even though your wife may never go to your job or know anyone there it’s too risky to fulfill a fantasy and possibly destroy your marriage. If hooking up with a cougar is what you’re after, no strings attached, I would recommend an online dating site. You would have a lot more control over what you want and how and when it would happen. Most sites have video chat rooms that might be enough to satisfy your yearnings.

Married Cubs: Do you crave a woman with more experience than your wife? Would you consider an affair?

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