Ask Ava: Mature Women on the Rise

Q: Help. I’m surrounded by cougars. Most of my friends are women and we’re all late thirties to mid forties. I guess that’s cougar age, a term that only recently became known to me. Anyway, many of my friends are divorced and getting together with these guys they meet online, in yoga class, at the park, and even church! They even got me to watch an episode of Cougartown, and I’ll admit it was pretty good. While I concur that some younger men are more attractive than their male counterparts, and my friends do rant and rave about their bodies, I still don’t quite get it. I just can’t see younger man being mature enough to hold my attention. Other than looks, what do young ones have to offer?
– Out of the Loop in Tennessee

A: Hi OutLiT. You’re right, cougars are everywhere and our numbers are on the rise. Maybe your libido isn’t as high as your friends, or you’re married and still have great sex, but I’ll bet your friends aren’t hooking up with these cubs in the hopes of a long term relationship. We cougars usually seek out younger men for a hot steamy affair, nothing more. Sure it can last longer than a night, but if it doesn’t there are always more cubs in the jungle.

Most men just aren’t willing to take care of themselves after a certain age. I’ve always been a gym regular and if I can do it, I expect those I’m with, especially those I’m getting naked with to look a certain way. You might think that most cubs don’t know a thing in the bedroom, and yes there is often a lack of or lesser experience, but there is also a willingness to learn and be trained. Young men are eager to please and they have lots of stamina. Prrr. My attraction to younger men goes deeper than sex. I like a younger man’s passion and enthusiasm for life and their interests. Their out in the world exploring and trying to prove themselves – very sexy. I also feel like a kid at heart and want a guy I can neck with in the park or go to the local fair and scream together on a coaster. And if it’s a no strings affair you want or need, younger men are more than willing to oblige.

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Cubs: What else do you have to offer a reluctant cougar?

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